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Why Life Choices?


Life was God's first gift to mankind in the Garden of Eden. God formed man and then breathed into his nostrils the                                             breath of life and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). Man's life came from his connection with God and his life                                             was lived in the presence of God in the Garden. After God gave man the gift of life, He gave him the gift of choice.                                               Adam, the first man, was given th power to choose between life and death. While God knew that he would use this                                             power to make many choices over the course of his life, the primary reason for the power was so that he could                                                   choose life. Life was set in the heart of man and, without interference, he chose life every day!

Satan entered the picture intent upon influencing man to choose death over life. He did this, not by promoting                                                     death, but by disguising it to look like life. He used the allure of the fruit, the promise of knowing even more than                                                 God (life can be BETTER!) and deceived the woman into choosing death over life. Adam had an opportunity to choose life anyway but simply gave up his power and passively followed the woman's lead! The result was death. They immediately became disconnected from God as evidence by the fear and hiding. They lost the life that God gave them.

Jesus entered the picture intent upon restoring man to life by paying the price for man's sin (death) and reconciling him to God (life). Faith in the sacrifice of Christ for our sin moves us back into life and makes the experience of life an any-moment possibility. Christ didn't just come to give us eternal life (a future connection to God's presence) but life NOW (connection to God now!).

This is 'why life choices'. If life is the point and we lost life because of sin but Christ makes life possible, making life choices becomes the point... so... choose life!

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