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About LifeNow Ministries

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LifeNow Ministries is based on the belief that Jesus Christ came to invite us into the life that God intended for us at the creation (John 10:10). The focus is not behavior modification, church or even heaven, the focus is LIFE!  Because Christ IS our life, we can choose to experience this abundant life at any time  LifeNow Ministries exists to guide people to make choices that lead them to a greater experience of this life by dealing with their past, their addictions, their self-talk and their relationships. On this site you will find articles, books, links to other ministries and a listening ear. I have written three books. Ten Life Choices is the core curriculum for LifeNow, 365 Days of Life 

is a daily devotional encouraging the reader to choose life everyday, and Righteous is a 40-day journey through the book of Romans. LifeNow is a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductictible.

Choosing Life, 


Bob Perdue


Bob Perdue is passionate about life. Sexually abused as a child, he sought to prove himself by achievements but ended up exhausted, addicted, depressed and attempted suicide at age 35. After a stay in a local psychiatric hospital, Bob went through several years of recovery. He has spoken his message of life in the US, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Albania, India, South Africa and Indonesia. He has been heard on TransWorld Radio programs throughout the world and quoted on Focus on the Family. Bob lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Terri.

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