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LifeNow Counseling

Bob & Terri Perdue are offering Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching through LifeNow Ministries.  Their 30 years of Pastoral experience, journey through depression, addiction, miscarriage, raising 5 children and Bob's extensive knowledge of the Scriptures equip them to help others who are struggling with any of those issues or any relational issues (marriage, parenting, etc.,).  They also offer pre-marital counseling and are available to perform weddings.  Additional information is available in the LifeNow Counseling brochure (click below).

Sponsor an Inmate

Prison Fellowship has allowed LifeNow to use their publications to make an 11-lesson Correspondence Course available to inmates in Federal Prisons throughout the USA.  Over 500 inmates have already been discipled using this course.  When an inmate requests the course, the book and lesson one are mailed to them.  As each lesson comes in, a LifeNow team member responds and sends the next lesson.  Several inmates have also been enrolled in Bible College courses funded by LifeNow.  It costs LifeNow $15 to take one inmate through the course.  You can donate to sponsor an inmate by clicking the link below.

International Ministry

Bob has been invited to Brazil, Portugal, Germany, England, Albania, South Africa, India and Indonesia to share the message of grace and life.  Conferences are held, counseling offered and relationships formed.  Many of these Conferences are held in conjunction with Pastor's gatherings so the message of life is taken back to individual churches in each country.  The book has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian and a Hindi translation is in the works.

LifeNow Men's Retreat

Bob will be leading men through the Ten Life Choices in a small group, interactive format.  The retreat will be held at the New Every Morning Retreat Center in Paw Paw, WV and  will be limited to 8 participants.  It will include 2 nights stay, all materials and 5 meals.  In this secluded, small group setting we go deep into the obstacles that keep men from experiencing life to the fullest.  Group sessions and personal journaling time help each man to work through his own issues. The cost of the retreat is $210.   Email Bob Perdue for information on the next scheduled retreat.

New Every Morning

This is a ministry in the developmental stage.  "New Every Morning" is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast cabin located in a secluded setting outside of Paw Paw, West Virginia.  LifeNow is partnering with "New Every Morning" to provide a 48-Hour Silent Guided retreat.  Free from technology, noise and distraction, the participant will enjoy quiet time with God guided by the spiritual disciplines.  The cost is $400.  LifeNow would love to raise money to send people who are busy in ministry free of charge.  E-mail Bob Perdue for more information or visit New Every Morning's Facebook page.

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