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Ten Life Choices

Ten Life Choices

10 Life Choices is a book about recovering the life you were always meant to live. The premise is that life is God's first gift to us and that Jesus came to restore us to that life. Not just eternal life in heaven, but life now! This life is defined as a connection and relationship with the Father, the Giver of life. All who put their faith in Christ can choose life at any moment by choosing honesty, grace, forgiveness, truth, empowerment, surrender, community, worship, intimacy and availability. Interwoven through the life choices is the author's own journey through abuse, addiction, depression and a suicide attempt.  

This book also serves a curriculum for a small group Bible study and/or a recovery ministry. Each chapter has discussion questions that help to uncover the obstacles to life and bring them into the light. A leaders guide for teaching each chapter is available upon request.
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