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LifeNow Prison Ministry Update 2017

In 2008 Ten Life Choices was published.  Soon after, a dear friend who had read the book took it to her work at Prison Fellowship.  As a result, LifeNow was invited to go and speak to the staff and present the message of 10 Life Choices at Prison Fellowship headquarters in Leesburg, VA.   Some on the staff thought this would be an excellent resource for inmates and permission was granted to include it on a list of resources that inmates all across the country would receive from Prison Fellowship.  Inmates began to request the book and we developed an 11-lesson correspondence course so that we could interact with inmates and help them Choose Life!  LifeNow Prison ministry had begun!


Since that time several thousand inmates have read 10 Life Choices and worked through the lessons.  Each inmate has received personal responses to each lesson.  Many inmates have continued to correspond with LifeNow after completing the lessons and are still being mentored and counseled through the ministry.  We have enrolled men and women from all 50 states through these years.   Every week lessons are received, responded to and returned.  Though we may never meet these precious men and women in this life, we will see them and rejoice together in eternity!


Here are a few highlights (names changed):


Jared in New York completed the 10 Life Choices course and continued to correspond with LifeNow.  The ministry helped Jared enroll in Bible courses through Global University’s Berean School of the Bible.  Jared graduated from that course of study and did an internship under Bob through weekly collect call phone conversations while still incarcerated.  Today Jared is out, works a full-time job, has bought a house and is preaching and teaching God’s Word at his church regularly!


William in Michigan completed 10 Life Choices and requested copies of the book so that he could lead a small group in the prison.  William has led three groups of younger men and mentored them through the course.  William is serving a life sentence but has embraced his calling to point younger men who are incarcerated toward LIFE!


Darcy, an inmate a Florida state prison, recently finished Lesson 10 “Choose Intimacy”.  In this lesson she was introduced to the concept of spiritual disciplines for the first time.   She was so transformed by the practice of the disciplines using the little information we provided in that chapter that we decided to send her a copy of “Celebration of Discipline” by Stephen Foster.  She was ecstatic.


Jonathan, also in New York, has finished the course and graduated from the Berean School of the Bible.  He is currently writing a Christian Fiction novel which LifeNow is helping him to edit with the help of a friend of the ministry. 


Lawrence in Indiana finished the course and shared a burden he had to start a Christian library in his prison.  LifeNow put out the word several years ago and collected several hundred dollars, purchased a dozen or so books and had them shipped to Lawrence to become the beginnings of that library. 


These are just a few of the many great things that God has done through the LifeNow Prison Ministry.  It costs about $15 total for the book, printing of lessons and postage for all 11 lessons.  So far, we have been able to continue this ministry non-stop through the donations of God’s people.  To all of you who have contributed through the years… you have a part in this fruit… Thank-you!

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