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Choose to Soak


“He makes me lie down in green pastures….”  Psalm 23:2


The cabin we rented for vacation this summer was in the mountains and had a deck out back with a hot tub.  Every morning I would get up early, make a pot of coffee, and soak in the hot tub while sipping some great java.  This is life!  I noticed that the first few mornings my mind was still full of work issues and ministry questions.  As my mind struggled to get free of these thoughts, my ability to lie still and just soak in the tub was hindered.  As the week wore on and I let go of the cares of ministry, I was able to relax totally and soak in the rest.


Shepherds report that sheep will not lie down if they are agitated.  The presence of the shepherd, a calm voice, and serene surroundings are necessary for the sheep to settle down and rest in the pasture.  While there is certainly a lot to do to promote the Kingdom of God, the concept of Sabbath that was instituted by God at the creation indicates that He believes in the importance of rest.  Short breaks are nice but in order to really lie down in green pastures, we need to take some extended time to let go of the worries and cares of the world and soak in His care.  Rest.


Even if you can’t afford the luxury of taking off work this summer and getting away, choose to slow down your pace, doing only what is essential and take some time to soak!


Truth:  If you lie back and close your eyes, you can’t tell whether the hot tub is at a

            cabin in the mountains or at the neighborhood pool.


Choice:  Today I will choose life by …

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