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LifeNow Ministries, Bob Perdue is Committed to providing resources to help hurting people find and live the LIFE God always intended for them to live!

"I have come that you might have LIFE and live it to the fullest!"

Jesus (John 10:10)


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New LifeNow YouTube Channel

LifeNow has YouTube Channel.  Several videos of Bob's teachings can be found on the LifeNow YouTube Channel.

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Article of the Month
Our Refuge

The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed” (Psalm 9:9).  There are times in all our lives when we relish the idea of a refuge.  Running off to a safe place where we can rest and recharge without the everyday pressures of life sounds like an oasis in the desert!  I have a physical place that I run to when life gets overwhelming.  The New Every Morning retreat in Paw Paw, WV has provided a refuge for me for many years.  But what if you just can’t “get away” in the middle of all the pressures?  It isn’t always feasible to pack a bag and escape to the mountains!


The verse says that the LORD is our refuge.  HE is our place of safety.  Running to Him does not require packing a bag, it only requires an awareness of His presence and a firm faith in His goodness.  Our strength and resilience in the face of oppressors is found in our union with Him.  In a moment of panic, we can surrender everyone and everything to Him, express our love to Him and rest in His peace.  


The need for refuge is brought on by oppression.  To be oppressed is to be crushed by a weight, weighed down or worn down by cares.  Wolves are called “pursuit predators” because they run down large prey over long distances.  As they chase, they will inflict bites to weaken the prey.  The bites and the run wear down the prey and lead to their demise.  Our adversary (I know like a lion but also like a wolf) seeks to devour us ( I Peter 5:7).  He wears us down with the cares of life (relationships, finances, health, schedules, worries, etc.,) and overwhelms us with despair.  


The holiday season seems to increase our oppressors (do you already feel worn down?) BUT it also reminds us of our refuge.  The baby born in the manger provides the path that leads to our refuge (no one comes to the Father but through Him).  Be aware of your refuge this holiday season and find safety, strength and resilience in His presence.  

New Every Morning Retreat

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LifeNow Counseling expands hours

LifeNow Counseling offers spiritual direction and counsel that is God-centered and Biblically based.  Recently we moved to a new office space located at 8637 Mathis Avenue, Manassa, VA 20110.  Evening and weekend sessions are available and remote session via ZOOM are also available. A $70 donation per session is recommended but LifeNow will work with clients who cannot afford that rate.  To schedule, click on the "Schedule an Appointment" button at the top of this page.  



The 2023 LifeNow Men's Retreat was held October 27-29, 2023.  Five men went through the first 5 of the Ten Life Choices with Bob in the beautiful West Virginia Mountains at the New Every Morning Retreat Center.   If you are interested in a future retreat, please email Bob

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It costs about $15 to mail the book and 11 lessons. Would you like to help? 

365 Days of Life

365 Days of Life makes a great gift for the Holidays!  By giving this to a friend or loved one you are inviting them to choose life every day of the New Year. 

book by Bob Perdue

Ten Life Choices

A book about recovering the life you were always meant to live. 



A 40-day journey through the book of Romans. 


Only available through Amazon.


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